6 Most Asked Questions About Revshare (with answers)

Below, you will be able to find 6 most frequently asked questions (at least in my case), that repeat in discussions about earning through revenue share programs.
I have prepared them by analysing e-mails, online conversations, phone calls and Facebook.
I hope that the answers will be useful and/or make it easier to reply, when you are asked similar question.

Most asked questions about revenue share:

1. Is there a risk of losing my money, in this business? Are there any insurances to cover me on the event of revshare program collapse?

warningrevshareYes, you may lose your money in revshare programs, because non of them are able to give you 100% guarantee of profits.

High gains are always carrying high risks with them, especially in programs, which include in their terms and conditions that there is NO profit guarantee (you will find this information on majority of revshare websites). There is also no insurances that would allow you to recover your loses. It is therefore important to be aware of threats, giving it good consideration, acting with a plan and using diversification.

Some online payment platforms (such as Payza) may allow you to open a dispute in case of revshare program collapse, or failure to comply with advertisement arrangements, for which you have paid. Unfortunately, those disputes may take months, before you hear the result and most often you’ll not be able to get the full amount of your money back, anyway. If  you’re lucky, you might receive some percentage of it.

2. Is revshare a business for years and generations?

No, it’s not. Endless businesses do not exist.

3. Should I pay taxes from my revshare earnings?

Yes, you should. Taxes have to be paid from all money that you earn, when you exceed tax free allowance. It does not matter whether it’s revshare, full-time employment, part-time employment or self-employment. Every case is being treated by internal revenue service individually and it is them, who you should ask for specific advice. You may also learn some details from qualified accountants.

Please note that I am not a person, who is qualified enough to help you with your tax issues, because every situation is different. Other, regular, experienced revshare users are not authorised to do it either.
If you want to comply with revenue  service’s regulations, it is them, who you should speak to.

4. Is it a pyramid scheme?

I am going to start with 2 definitions:

Pyramid: Every company and every business structure is based on pyramid. It means that there is a boss at the top, his assistants below, followed by higher management and lower management. Team leaders and general labourers are at the bottom. If it comes to wages, simply, a boss earns the most and with every level down on the pyramid, salary decreases. I don’t know any business with different structure than this one, including the Country and the Church.

Pyramid scheme (Ponzi): It is an illegal investment scam, in which somebody promises to us extremely high earnings and unachievably huge profits for investing our money in their project. Very often, there is no investment at all, as they are just continuously looking for new members, who they need more and more of. There is no products or services offered, only “an investment that will give you up to 200% per month”, or more.

Revshare programs are NOT promising any profits. They are often highlighting the fact that there is no earnings guarantee. If their company earns money, they will share it with you, but if it doesn’t, they won’t. Full stop. Miracles are only promised by ‘unethical’ sponsors, who I advice you to stay away from.

Revshare programs are not purely based on new members and you don’t need to enlist anybody. You can do it (if you want to get additional money), but you don’t have to. When you are choosing a revshare program, have a look whether is sells some services, adverts and products as well. It would mean that they have more sources for making profit, besides adpack sales.

Personally, I not only search for those extras, but I use them. In past TM, I used to buy Massive Traffic adds and cash links (every few days),while in MX – login, banner, text and cash link adds. In LXL and FAP, I purchase additional displays, from which I do NOT get any benefit, apart from advertisement. I spend my money on those services, although I don’t know how many people actually do it. I am just aware, on my own example, that revshare programs make money on it, on top of selling adpacks. In APP, LXL and FAP, I also pay subscription fees.

In conclusion, revshare programs are not an investment.
In pyramid scheme you are investing X to ear stunning X times 250%, or X times 500%, within certain period of time. The profits are offered by the people on top of the pyramid.

In revshare, you are paying for the advertisement of your own website, and it is this advertisement, that they guarantee. Share of profits is an addition. You might get it, but you might not.
I advise you to read terms and conditions before signing up – revshare is not able to give you guarantee for anything, apart from advertisement, which you pay for.

Can you see the difference?

5. Would it be worth to sign up with any revshare?

Not, it wouldn’t. When choosing, what revshare you want to use, you have to focus on few things, because as in every other business sector, you might come across people, who do not have a clue about the business, they’ve started, so after few days or months,  they need to close it down. And of course, swindlers are out there as well.

Don’t be greedy and don’t listen to slogans –  ‘up to 200% revenue share’, or ” ‘up to 1000% revenue share or more!’, because it would be really impossible nowadays. Maybe years ago, maybe it would work with different development and management of revshare programs, but not today and not 200%, because it would be definitely too much.

Remember that all, even well-known revshares might have experienced few milestones along their way, which were caused by outside factors, such as hackers, thieves,  frauds or faulty servers – all sorts. You cannot predict what will happen with 100% accuracy. In general, you should just simply forget about 100% assurance. It does not exist.

6. How do I start in revshare?

It is like learning how to swim. Even if you buy lots of equipment, fancy swimsuit, accessories, gadgets, books and guides, unless you actually put your feet in the water, you are not going to start. Sign up, check how it looks from the inside and test it, just simply try.

That’s how you start.


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